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Contact Improvisation and other unforeseen dances in Water

January 29th to February 6th

Aquatic Monkeys 2021

It was sad that we were not in Moreré this January 2021, living what we used to live there, for 6 consecutive January! There is a dream for the second semester ... And a taste of reinvention, too!

Hugo Leoardo e Conrado Falbo

every January, since 2015,

at Moreré Beach - Boipeba - Bahia



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by Hugo Leonardo and Larissa Leão (2019) - filmed in one of Moreré's mangroves.

Training in Florianópolis-SC

workshop with Hugo Leonardo at Espaço Transformando - Espaço Mãe d´Água in September 2017.

Immersed Body Open Eyes

of Bianca Raphael with the participants at the Aquatic Monkeys 2018


by Felipe Godoi with Hugo Leonardo and Marina Sans at Macacos Aquaticos 2017

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