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Meditative Practices with Voice and Drawing ...

Waters out there, water in here ... HUGO LEONARDO will be leading the practices of Contact Improvisation in Water while CONRADO FALBO will lead on land drawing, voice and movement practices focusing on EMOTIONS.

We propose this program for the first time in 2019, and it was so successful that we will repeat it at this next workshop in 2020.

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INNER WATERS: artistic expression in the flow of emotions



In this workshop we'll expand the range of possibilities related to EXPERIENCING and EXPRESSING emotions and feelings, using movement, voice and drawing as our main tools. Through simple IMPROVISATION exercises (in group or individually) we'll give body, voice and lines to the emotions that move us each and every moment.


I offer a set of dynamic meditation practices focused on self-care as a way of complementing the work with dancing in the water and using the material that already emerges through the interaction with the liquid realm.

We'll seek to collectively build a safe space where we can express and witness the emotions that arise in the moment, without judgement, offering each other a careful and loving container by means of cultivating our very presences.

In many cultures the waters are considered the carriers of emotion. They WASH what needs to be cleansed and TAKE what needs to be liberated, offering a profound and simple lesson: everything flows.

The word “emotion” comes from the latin “emovere”: e (energy) + movere (movement). As the word itself suggests, emotions are life energy in motion. We experience these energies in the form of feelings such as anger, happiness, fear, calmness, longing, shame, enthusiasm etc.

In order for the emotions (and feelings generated by them) to act in our lives CONSCIOUSLY and CREATIVELY they need to be able to FLOW. As the waters become stagnant when something blocks their course, so the emotions need to flow in order to nourish, fecundate, strengthen, cleanse, renew and make our inner landscape ever more alive, integrated and in tune with our intentions and actions.

FEELING our feelings consciously can be a constant practice, supported and amplified by it's SHARED experience and by the expressive tools that the ARTS offer us.


No previous experience needed in dance, drawing, voice work or meditation. If you have experience in any of those fields, great! The group's diversity enriches the sharing.

All are welcome to the workshop. We just ask that the production team is previously informed about any issues that need special attention (psychiatric conditions, chronic disorders, issues related to mobility etc.)

Don't forget to bring with you:

- Beach mat or cloth or towel to sit and lie in the sand;

- Notebook and/or drawing pad. You can bring them separately or use just one notebook for writing and drawing, as you wish;

- Drawing and writing supplies of your choice. You can bring graphite pencils, colored pencils, ball-point pens, felt pens, crayons etc. Feel free to bring many options or just one to keep it simple. We'll have some materials for the group and we can always share what we bring with the others;


For the last three years I've been intensely researching and experimenting with movement in the water. Already in my first contact with this work I was surprised by a radically different way of relating to my weight, movements, skin and breathing when immersed in the aquatic world. But what really blew my mind was that even after leaving the water I still found myself being moved by forces that initially seemed mysterious to me. I was invaded by memories, images and sensations that I slowly came to identify as emotional energies. I could then see (or feel) for myself what I already knew intellectually: the waters do have an immense power to mobilize emotion. The idea of this workshop came from my wish to integrate my experience with the waters and my usual work as an artist, researcher and teacher.




Conrado Falbo is an interdisciplinary artist working with movement, sound and drawing through the perspective of improvisation both as a creative and interactive approach to performance, teaching/researching and healing. Since 2007 he's been investigating the possibilities of voice beyond speech and song, further developing his research through the process of getting an MA and PhD degrees in Literary Theory from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil), where he also taught Voice and Movement at the Drama/Dance department as a temporary teacher. Since 2011, as a member of Coletivo Lugar Comum (independent collective based in Recife, Brazil), he's been experimenting with interdisciplinary performance in public spaces and collaborative creative practices. for the past 6-7 years he's also been intensely committed to the discipline of Authentic Movement (under the supervision of Soraya Jorge, former pupil of Janet Adler and introducer of the discipline in Brazil) and Contact Improvisation (having studied with teachers from various nationalities/backgrounds and helping organize workshops and festivals throughout Brazil).

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