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Necessary information and useful tips to arrive well prepared and make your experience of dancing in the water and the Aquatic Monkeys workshop the best possible.

Challenges beyond FLUIDITY

Undoubtedly the first interest and the greatest evidence of the investigation of dance and movement in water are the aspects related to the fluidity and receptivity that the water environment at once invites and imposes. But, it is also important to remember that out of these same characteristics water builds a great force and the environments that it establishes, especially the natural ones, demand attention and very clear preparations. What are the possibilities of "axis" and "vertigo" that the dancer has when moving in these conditions? We also take this as a metaphor for the whole Aquatic Monkeys workshop. Below we list specific points that it is important to take into account in order to get the best out of this experience and at the same time support the group experience. Do not neglect read it, with attention and affection!


Disposition and skills

The physical requirement for dancing on the water is, of course, very different from dancing on earth. The interest of Contact Improvisation dance in the intelligent and natural use of the effort and the functioning of the diverse systems of body life and movement is intensely enhanced in the aquatic environment. It is NOT necessary to have great swimming skills, training is performed in waters that one can touch the ground. Respiratory problems are NOT impeditive and can even be reframed and transformed by water dancing, as by many other aquatic practices, without neglecting the specific medical conditions of each. Nor is it necessary to be familiar with Contact Improvisation. However, communicate to the organizers or group any information you deem important regarding your health and psychophysical disposition. What is really indispensable is the curious, sensitive, careful disposition with the other and the environment.


Weather and sea contidions

It is necessary to be prepared for intense SUN, every class and practice we can spend a long time exposed to it. You can seriously impair your participation throughout the course if you neglect sun protection, especially in the early days. Some people have special sensitivity on the lips for both sun and salt water and some specific protector will do well. For environmental care, it is preferable to wear sun protective clothing (see in equipments) than using abusively sunscreen. Despite such a sun and temperature of water, it is more than common to feel COLD because of the great time inside the water and the state of relaxation that one reaches by the dance that we train. Each body has a different psychophysical resistance to cold in the water, but can really be a very challenging experience for some, especially the beginners. Once again, clothing suitable for aquatic practices can be very welcome (see equipments). In this way, these factors of SUN and WATER TEMPERATURE, in addition to the TIDE conditions, must be observed every day to determine the class schedules and practices. Without forgetting that we are "in nature" and its surprises, such as RAIN. The sea in Moreré is very safe in relation to MARINE ANIMALS (humans are not usually very safe for them), but occasionally we may have to deal with the possibility of being touched by a jellyfish. Unpleasant, but not terrible. The sea is a living, moving environment, and being quiet and prepared for its conditions is ESSENTIAL not only for pleasure and individual safety, but for the very group´s quality and class development




The aquatic environment touches on very deep and even ancestral experiences in us. Thus, if we believe that it is undeniable that we move more than the physicality of our bodies when we dance, in water that is far more evident. Very intimate emotional processes can be unleashed. The perceptions and experiences experienced in water dancing offer new weights and designs for our worldviews. With all the delicacy and strength characteristic of this element. It is not surprising that this reflects on the very health of the body on these days of practices in water, if we are vulnerable. Thus, the clear PURPOSE to come and participate in the best of your PRESENCE at the Aquatic Monkeys workshop is highly recommended so that this depth and scope of practice offered can lead to integrative experiences that can be celebrated.


Accommodation, food and other logistic


Registration for the Aquatic Monkeys does not cover food. But, since 2019 edition, we include in the value of the registration the Lodging, which will be once again under the care of the loving hospitality and simplicity of Mr. Clóvis and D. Rita. The organization and number of places-rooms and corresponding registration fees can be found HERE. If you are interested in staying on your own, negotiate this in advance with the organization of the event. In this case, choose a place near the small center of the village of Moreré because the lessons take place not far from there. Check if your place will be close to the place the group will be lodged.  The feeding needs are very personal on the beach and in the context of classes and practices in water, but be sure to hydrate well and take care of a good digestion time or the "weight" of what you eat before class. The markets available in Moreré are very simple and the quality and diversity of vegetables and fruits is not the best (it's beautiful when it's mango season!). Native community live essentially from the sea. So, if you have preferences or specific needs, you could consider bringing groceries with you. The use of credit card in the village is limited and there are no banks or ATMs nearby. In this way, consider well the amount of cash you need to bring. THE COMPLETE PAYMENT OF THE REGISTRATION MUST BE DONE PRIOR OR IMPRETERIVELY BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS.

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