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Basic information about what we can use for classes and dances in the water. Protection against water entering the nose is indispensable, either through the diving mask or nose clips. The other items are optional features, but they can make a very significant difference!


Diving mask for protection of nose and eyes

It is the basic item for water dance training. Although the protection of the eyes is not essential, the protection of the nose makes a huge difference. We move in all directions and shafts in the water and having the nose safe from the water entrance is a comfort, in fact, indispensable. The first technical achievement for water dancing is precisely a state of tranquility and relaxation essential for connection to water and dance partners, and this is directly related to breathing. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of a good and comfortable diving mask. When buying, be aware that some models are only for the eyes and do not protect the nose. In specialized stores it is easy to find a basic and inexpensive model, but already much better than what one would find in beach village shops as sea toys for children. Masks specialized for the practice of free diving, a little more expensive, are interesting because they are smaller. Very large masks can bother dancing with partners

oculos e clipes.jpg

Swimming goggles and nose clips

As an alternative to the diving mask it is possible to wear swimming goggles and nose clips. Usually the diving mask is more comfortable. On the other hand, the goggles + clips have the advantage of not being an overly weird body between you and your dance partner. A basic nose clip is very easy to find at sports equipment stores in the swimming sector. Once again, the free divers know and use the most efficient and specialized.


Ear protection

This item is actually optional because many people have little or no tendency at all to get water in their ears. Using them may be a strange and uncomfortable hearing sensation, but for those who have easy access of water in the ears ends up being a very necessary piece. Again, what should guide the choice of using them or not is what will best favor the tranquility, relaxation and consequent connection with water and dance partners.!

Camisa Proteção Solar.jpg

Sun protective clothing

If on the one hand the strong sun will favor the best water temperature, it can of course be hard for one skin. It is very important not to neglect this! Their participation in activities can be really impaired due to carelessness in the sun protection need, especially in the first days. What is the advantage of wearing these shirts instead of the sunscreens?

- You do not need to be reapplying the sunscreen and so do not risk being careless about this protection. Besides this the chosen point for the classes and the movement of the water can leave you very far from your bag and the bottle of sunscreen.

- The environment is grateful! The sunscreens impact badly the waters we bathe in.

- The shirt also decreases the body's temperature loss in the water as well as exposure to the wind and in doing so will give you more resistance to the cold you can feel

Camisa mergulhador.jpg

Diving suit


Even in the warm waters of Moreré Beach in the summer, some people begin to feel very cold for the long time in the water and the state of relaxation that we achieve in the practices. It is clear that the skin in direct contact with water and other bodies is one of the beauties of the dance in the water, but the cold can really reach very early for some bodies. The wetsuits, because of the material they are made of and the design to fit tightly to the bodies, decreases the temperature loss of the bodies to the water. Suits for large underwater dives are expendable for what we will be doing, but having a wetsuit of little thickness can be a good option for the coldest. Note: it will also have an effect on buoyancy. It leaves the body more floating. Good for bodies that tend to sink in water, bad for those who tend to float too much.

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