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".... might be as simple as vacationing on the beach ... might be as accurate as sailing ..."

The Event ... a SCORE for the Aquatic Monkeys 2020 Workshop


The 11th January will be for participants arriving and the opening meeting for presentations and instructions, at 7 p.m.

From Saturday 12th, we will have 2 classes-practices every day, one facilitated by Hugo Leonardo, lasting from 2hs to 4hs, part in the earth, part in the water, and another on land facilitated by Conrado Falbo, with practices of drawing, voice and  movement.

We will have a day of extraordinary programming dedicated to a practice-tour in Ponta Castelhanos.


The schedules will be variable each day, because they need to observe climatic conditions and the sea, in addition to the adaptation of the group.

It will not be possible to enter the course from the second day.

Extra activities may arise, depending on the availability and talents of the group!


The Water Contact classes and practices will be facilitated by HUGO LEONARDO.

As an invited artist-teacher we will have, once again, CONRADO FALBO (Pernambuco-Brasil). He will lead on land movement, voice and drawing practices. A detailed presentation of his proposal is here

It is worth remembering that the Aquatic Monkeys came up with the Water Contact Improvisation courses conducted by SASHA BEZRODNOVA (Russia) for two successive years (2015 and 2016), in the second one with the assistance of MARIO BLANCO (Spain).

Already named as Aquatic Monkeys, in 2017, the Event had classes led by HUGO LEONARDO and MARINA SANS (Catalonia).

In 2019, HUGO LEONARDO and CONRADO FALBO inaugurate this format and content for classes in water and on land that, as successful as it was, will be repeated in 2020.


Each year we construct a different occupation of the Aquatic Monkeys in Moreré, sometimes more collective as a group, sometimes less. 


We now include in the value of the registration the Lodging,  with the desire that the group get closer, more focused and that we can better coordinate the activities with the necessary adaptations to the changing conditions of climate, sea water and our internal waters.

Now in 2020 there are diversified values ​​for registration, according to the map of vacancies and rooms that can be consulted HERE.


Food, as in previous years, will remain a subject for the initiative of the participants themselves.

Aquatic Monkeys encourages and is prepared to facilitate the prior communication between the enrolled participants, to exchange information and mutual aid, in order to search for group facilities.

Confirmed registrations with good anticipation is key to this!


Moreré has some restaurants and many beach huts with affordable homemade food. In 2019 a  good "PF" (Ready Dish) was around R$ 25.

But do not count on much more than fish and seafood.

There are few and very simple markets in which one can find little diversity and quality of vegetables and fruits. The prices are a little above average, because it is an island and a beach of difficult access.


Group arrangements and collective solutions are encouraged. Often we cook together and share purchases. It might be worth some initiative to bring groceries in the luggage.



The Aquatic Monkeys is a "workshop" with a precise focus on the experience of the dances provided by Contact Improvisation and Water.


Other practices may be included in the programming, broadening this focus on the experience of dance, water and Contact Improvisation, but they are not directed to compose a programming that could be said typical CI Festivals.


We believe that this question-answer has direct implications on the answers to next 3 questions. 


It is a path to be followed with great affection. There are no scheduled steps to follow. But there are steps, there is dance. It is common to have specially invited teacher-friends. People with whom we have already built a path together. We especially wish to value participants from previous editions to becoming partners in future editions. It means, once again, people who build a story with the event.

We exercise not to include teachers without this history or without, at least, the purpose of constructing this history. 

On the other hand, a teacher can be invited following the suggestion and desire of the participants, as far as we have the effective (financial) commitment of them.



Firstly, we minimize the scope of production, which is basically to promote, form a group and offer the programming of activities. Topics such as food, for example, that require a great effort of production, is the responsibility of the participants themselves.

At the same time, we have a critical eye on the work exchange system that has become so popular in events like ours.

Still, we are open to building other possibilities for exchange, real, effectively collaborative and attuned to a commitment of mutual abundance.

is it possible to participate partially?

We commune with the high respect that the practice of the Contact Improvisation taught us to establish in the autonomy of each dancer to be the first and last responsible for its process in dance, its body, its choices, its rhythms, its experiences, whatever wishes to fall short or beyond its limits. Thus, the participant decides how far he will be available for the activities that the event offers. However, for the better development of the classes, it is possible that one can not participate in an activity without previous experience of an activity developed in a previous class, and this can be communicated by the teacher or team to the participant. And for that very reason, it will be more difficult to allow a participant to be integrated into the event after it has started, that is, from the second or third lesson onwards. In all cases, the payment will be for the full amount established.

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