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The Tour of the Year at NAU 2022/2023
End-of-year artist residency at
Volta da Serra - Chapada Diamantina
December 23rd to January 2nd.

From December 23rd to January 2nd, Nascente de Artes e Utopia - NAU and OTRATIERRA - Escola de Artivisms, invite us to gather for another special time of artistic/cultural conviviality in our “garden” in Volta da Serra - Chapada Diamantina .

This time the call is to practice ways of being collectively that are crossed by the energy of the summer solstice and that can renew/displace meanings for the celebrations around this date: Christmas and New Year.

Our formula is always involved with singing, playing, dancing, talking... Cooking, gathering firewood, eating, drinking... Touching and being touched by the surrounding nature... Cultivating collective rituals that nourish the senses of being and being together... Getting your hands on land, water and stone to continue improving the NAU space…

In other words, the proposal will be, essentially, that we share an appropriate affective time to take care of each other and touch on personal-social issues that can mobilize us to collective practices and reflections.

There is the possibility of holding a sauna ceremony, which we are calling here the “Womb of Dreams”, if we can collectively create the right conditions for this; We will carry out group oracular readings, which will help us to build meanings that mobilize us in these days and in the continuous dance of creation of our lives.

With neighbors from the village of Volta da Serra there is the possibility of having a traditional Terno de Reis celebration. So, put your interests, experiences and knowledge of popular culture in your “backpack”!

And, of course, there will be moments of body and orality practices, guided initially by us, but open to the guidance of whoever else comes along, where we can delve deeper into certain subjects that have been of interest to us, such as:

How to relate to the local community and culture outside of a colonialist perspective? How to build art activism? How to create a sensitive repertoire outside of sexist, racist, class and patriarchal coloniality? How to practice affective-sexual and parental utopias alternative to the monogamous, heteronormative and patriarchal norm? How can we practice balance between our life on earth and the lives of all other beings with whom we are interdependent?



There is a fixed registration fee set at R$600.00 and it is not necessary (although desirable) that you commit to every day in this scheduled period between December 23rd and January 2nd. However, there is an occupancy limit, as we only receive small groups, between 10 and 15 people. Likewise, if you are interested in arriving before or after the dates defined in this call, open the conversation with us to see how things are going here. In principle, we will be open all summer for Extended Co-living Times.


* Children are always welcome, contribute 50% of this amount and will be collectively cared for.


* Price includes food without meat or alcoholic beverages. However, we cook together on our wood stove (there will be no cooks or any workers at our service). It also includes the contribution for camping, although all equipment must be brought by each resident. And it includes the practices guided by our team and all the guidance to get situated and live that experience there.

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