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Aquatic Monkeys 2020


As in 2019, let's organize ourselves to be well together in our days there at Praia de  Moreré, and so we have already included accommodation in the registration fees. As usual, we will be under the loving care of Mr. Clovis, Dona Rita and family, in the simplicity of their house transformed into POUSADA CAMINHO DA PRAIA, in these summer days.  

This choice is motivated by cost (they really make things easier for us there), practicality (the location is very good) and also the desire to economically favor native residents of the region .  

However, Moreré has many accommodation options, and if you prefer something more comfortable or even simpler (such as the numerous campsites) it is possible to enroll without including the accommodation option we offer, remembering that you will need to be responsible for not disconnect from the group and the proposed rhythms of practice. The registration fee, in this case without accommodation, is R$500.00.

main house        (3  free places)

Individual Registration:

BRL 800.oo

(split bed)




There are 4 rooms with double beds, so 4 to 8 spaces (option to share the bed or pay for the room alone). The house has 3 bathrooms with hot water, a living room and an equipped kitchen, which works as the COLLECTIVE KITCHEN FOR THE WHOLE GROUP. The house is well ventilated and has a balcony. On a daily basis, this is the family's house, which they vacate in the summer to rent. NOT  there is room service or cleaning for this house, that is, it is the group's responsibility.  


High Apartment   (1 bedroom/2 beds/double bed free)

Individual Registration:

BRL 900.oo

(split bed)


BRL 1,350.00


Built on top of the Main House, plus 2 brand new bedrooms with 1 bathroom (always hot water). Actually 1 bedroom and 1 living room, both with double bed. Yes, the double beds are  a constant in the hostel of Sr. Clóvis and Dona Rtia! Option to share a bed or pay for 2 spaces, according to the prices on the side.

For apartments like this one, there is the  room service  and cleaning.


Small house

Individual Registration:

BRL 1,000.oo

(split bed)  or

BRL 1,600.00

(bedroom) or

BRL 3,000.00


Located further down the plot, it is a cozy house with 2 bedrooms with double bed, 2 living rooms, a bathroom with hot water and a small kitchen. Therefore, it can host 2 or 4 people, resulting in a quieter hostel, with less collective movement than the main house.  

To have this house, it is necessary that we occupy the two bedrooms (or pay for it). In case of a group that comes together and so wishes, it is possible to add mattresses for up to 2 more people in the room.  

Rented as "home", also NO  there is room service and cleaning  included. 

Couple Apartments

Individual Registration:

BRL 1,200


BRL 1,800.00

(to rent the room alone)

An area with 4 adjoining apartments, very cozy, ideal for "couples in fact". Or for someone who really wants good privacy. It has room service and cleaning service.  

These rooms are very popular with Mr. Clóvis' regular customers, so they are not reserved for us and they will hardly be free at the last minute. Whoever is interested must guarantee it as soon as possible!

Triple Apartment                 CLOSED

Individual Registration:

BRL 900.oo


BRL 1,200.00

(2 people)

BRL 1,800.00

(1 person)

Lovely apartment with 1 double bed  1 single bed, private bathroom, upper floor. Ideal for those who already come with defined travel companions.

There is room service and housekeeping.


Important information and mandatory agreement upon registration.

UNTIL 09/30/2019  -  Full refund of the amount paid.

UNTIL 11/30/2019  - Full return is possible, as long as there is a new subscription to replace it. If a new registration does not happen, it will be necessary to retain the amount corresponding to the payment of the Pousada (variable, depending on the room chosen).

UNTIL 12/31/2019 - Registration fee refunded less the equivalent of the Pousada's payment for the chosen room.

AFTER 01/01/2020 - There is no refund of registration fees.  

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