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The feminist artistic residency “Mulher Território: care, creation and collective”, will take place (HAPPENS!) from May 13 to 26, 2022, at NAU Nascente de Artes e Utopia, in Palmeiras, Chapada Diamantina (BA) and will bring together 9 women Latin American artists for a time of exchange, creation and coexistence in the midst of nature.


And it will also promote a meeting of these resident artists with women from the quilombola communities of Tejuco (Palmeiras-BA) and Barriguda (Mucugê-BA), as well as other rural communities in the region, in a day of activities with workshops for children and adolescents, a circle of knowledge exchange “Cuidadoras da Terra” and a cultural night.


The residency is a realization of OtraTierra – School of Artivism; and NAU – Nascente de Artes e Utopia, with the support of the Consulate of France for the Northeast, the Quilombola Association of Barriguda, the Association of Quilombola Remnants of the Community of Tejuco, the Quilombola Association of the Community of Corcovado, the Community Association of the Community of Matão. Resident artists: Hana Brener (Serra Grande - BA), Heloisa Bispo (Lauro de Freitas - BA), Liana Gesteira (Salvador-BA), Cecília Carvalho (Capão-BA), Melissa Proaño (France/Ecuador), Myriam Rouquet (Barretos) -SP), Nirlyn Seijas (Salvador – BA), Tamia Guayasamín (Ecuador/Bahia), Eva Prado (Argentina).

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