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But you need to know that the decision not to cancel the event was made very carefully. It is important for us to publicly share all the issues that led us to maintain the event and the way in which we are proposing to carry it out.

First of all, the facts to which we have had access so far (11/25/2019):

Moreré has, in fact, been little impacted by the oil so far. What made it to the beaches has been cleaned up quickly. Mr. Clóvis, who hosts us, has conveyed tranquility and confidence when he communicates with us, and we have every reason to believe in his honesty. Obviously he, like all residents and entrepreneurs of Moreré, is very concerned about this issue and the prospect of cancellations and low attendance in the coming summer.

Although the news is encouraging, it must be said that there are impacts that may not be evident, such as invisible oil particles and the possibility of contamination from the seabed. Furthermore, the impact on corals and mangroves is much more difficult to scale and clean up than what appears in sand. We also don't know what could happen yet. It seems that much of the oil has already gone to the Southeast, but there is no guarantee that anything else will reach the beaches of the Northeast.

In all previous editions, the activities of Aquatic Monkeys had to be adaptable to the conditions of the sea and the climate. For example, there was a year with a lot of rain, which forced us to create other proposals outside the sea. This time, we will need to be even more prepared for the need for a “plan B”.

We have two extreme possibilities:

At best, we find that everything is fine in Moreré and with full conditions to carry out all the proposed activities. In the worst case scenario, we will not be able to carry out the practices at sea and it will be necessary to reduce water activities to a minimum (some rivers could still be used) or even remain out of the water at all times.

In the latter case, we have many resources to offer on land: practices related to dance, movement and interaction with the natural landscape. In fact, this is already happening, especially since last year, when Conrado brought the practices of meditative drawing and vocal practices with a focus on emotions. The water will still be present! In addition to what each participant brings in their talent bag.

We also felt very challenged not to turn our backs on Moreré at this point. That place, which has already given us so much joy, deserves our presence now! The people who live and work there would suffer even more from the abandonment of their regulars. It doesn't seem fair and ethical to simply give up on holding the event. This decision is consistent with our criticism of a hedonistic, individualistic and predatory model of tourism that we reject in every way!

It would not be fair to simply cancel Water Monkeys. But it is also not possible to do it as if nothing was happening... Our solution, then, is to call on all people interested in participating to share this responsibility with us.

We understand that, now, the call for Aquatic Monkeys 2020 is not just an invitation, but a request for support and complicity! To the beaches of the Northeast, to Moreré, but also to our event. A personal call indeed. A request for co-responsibility in this territory of risks, surprises, beauty, mistakes and successes that we occupy by dancing and sharing dance. It will be beautiful to be, once again, together with people willing to do all of this!

We are committed to openly discussing with the group any organizational and financial issues whenever the need arises.

We believe that everything will flow in the best way and that we will be sharing our presence there in Moreré. It's going to be wonderful anyway!

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