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Improvisation Residency
Winter solstice and june traditional festivities at
Palmeiras - Volta da Serra - Chapada Diamantina
June 22 to 30, 2023.

Instituto NAU invites people interested in poetic practices and crafts of coexistence for another period of residency, this time especially focused on improvisation as a tool for political action, artistic creation and integration with nature.

Our time will be divided between the small Bahian town of Palmeiras and the rural landscape of Volta da Serra, on the edge of the Chapada Diamantina National Park, and will include the following experiences-investigations:


If I Were a Tree - Nirlyn Seijas


There when you danced - Hugo Leonardo


Bodyword - Conrado Falbo

First Movement: 22nd to 25th June – Palmeiras


Structure: Large room for work with movement (smooth and hard floor). Outdoor camping area (cement floor and partially covered). Kitchen equipped with refrigerator and 4-burner stove. Internal bathroom with hot shower. Wifi internet access. Preparing meals and cleaning/organizing the space will be done collectively.


Activities: Guided experiences: we will work in the classroom and also on the streets of Palmeiras. We will participate in the traditional festivities of the June cycle in the city of Palmeiras and possibly also in a nearby town.

Second Movement: 26th to 30th June – Volta da Serra


Structure: Activities will be carried outdoors. Camping in nature. Collective kitchen with wood stove. Dry toilet and river bath (delicious and cold). There is no electricity or cell phone signal (it is possible to access the internet in the village after a 40-minute walk). Meal preparation, firewood collection and space maintenance tasks will be done collectively. ​


Activities: Guided experiences: we will work in nature and we will have a canvas to carry out body practices. The rest of the time will be divided between free time for contact with nature and development of individual projects.

practical things...

Investment: R$800 (divided in up to three installments with the first installment up to April 30). ​


ONLY 10 SPOTS! It is recommended to send your application proposal as soon as possible by filling in the application form. Payment instructions will be sent when your registration is confirmed.

The registration fee includes: ​


- Vegetarian food (collectively prepared).


- Infrastructure for camping in Palmeiras and Volta da Serra. ​


- Body work room, wi-fi and hot shower in Palmeiras. ​


- Daily practical experiences guided by members of the NAU Institute. ​


- Participation in the traditional festivities of the June cycle in the region. ​


- Transport between Palmeiras and Volta da Serra exclusively on days determined by the schedule.

A bit more about what you will find and how to prepare to share this time with NAU, especially in the rural home in Povoado da Volta da Serra, you can find in HOW TO GET THERE, on this website. And here is a good CHECK LIST: ​

​ - Arrival in Palmeiras on the 21st of June (bus tickets available through the company Rápido Federal leaving Salvador or Feira de Santana);

- Camping tent in good condition, which withstands rain and wind;


- Mattress, sleeping bag, insulation, pillow, blanket, whatever else is needed to sleep comfortably in the tent (the temperature drops reasonably during the night);


- Warm clothes for the nights. On the other hand, you don't need to fill your backpack with clothes, as very little will be needed for the days.


- Flashlight! Essential! Don't think about your cell phone flashlight, the place to charge it will be more than 2km uphill!


- Comfortable hiking boots or sneakers;


- Raincoat. It's not entirely necessary, but it's good to be safe;


- Insect repellent;


- Personal medication, if applicable (there are pharmacies in Palmeiras, but if the medication is very specific, it is better to bring it with you);


- Biodegradable soap for bathing in the river (at least good coconut soap: good, cheap and easily found in markets);


- Your paraphernalia and possible creative resources (you don't need to bring the grand piano, no... unless you want to leave it...).

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