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Through diverse paths and contexts, Hugo Leonardo dedicates himself to Dance as an open, choreographic or not poetic-relational game. 

In this history, Hugo developed an extensive and intense activity in the practice community of Contact Improvisation in Brazil and in several countries, since 2001, in which it is posible to highlight the idealization and artistic direction of the EmComTato Festival - inaugurated in 2010 in Salvador-Bahia and currently performed in Palmeiras, in the interior of Bahia - and the annual Aquatic Monkeys workshop: Contact Improvisation and other uncontemplated dances in Water, since 2015, in the coast of Bahia.

Master in Dance (2008) and PhD in Performing Arts (2013) by the Federal University of Bahia UFBA, whose artistic-academic course was dedicated to reflection and theoretical-practical articulation around themes of improvisation in dance and studies in the field of cognition, resulting in the authorship of the book "Poetica da Oportunidade: Estruturas oreográficas Abertas à Improvisação" (EDUFBA, 2009) and "Desabituação Compartilhada: contato improvisação, jogo de dança e vertigem" (Independent, 2014).

Builder, dreamer and gardener of NAU Nascente de Artes e Utopia, in a 5 hectare rural property located in the limits of Chapada Diamantina National Park, as home and space for creative residences dedicated to the cultivation of knowledge and networks for utopian and poetic realities. 

He has worked as a dancer in Group X of Improvisation in Dance (Salvador 2002-2012), choreographic direction of Fafá Daltro, in GP CorpoAudivisual (Salvador 2006-2012), artistic and choreographic direction of Ivani Santana and in GDC Contemporary Dance Group of UFBA ( 2004-2006), artistic direction of Dulce Aquino and choreographic direction of Ivani Santana.



Improvisational approaches to seeing and doing dance

Workshop addressing different strategies for improvisation as a subjective and scenic dance state. The workshop is conducted by dancer Hugo Leonardo, sharing memories, findings and inventions of his artistic and academic trajectory in contemporary dance, with a special focus on cognitive studies.

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