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NAU Nascente de Artes e Utopia is a “territory” of artistic-educational relations and activities with local action unfolding between the rural areas and urban center of Palmeiras, in Chapada Diamantina, but also extended in partnerships beyond this geographic contour. It includes a small rural property acquired in 2010 by the dance artist Hugo Leonardo and managed by him as a space to bring together artists and other creators to develop personal or collaborative projects. Our NAU grew closely linked with the achievements of the EmComTato Festival, a dance event launched by this same artist in Salvador (2010, 2012) as a festival aimed at the international community of dance practice from Contact Improvisation and transferred to Palmeiras in 2013, thus assuming more and more fully characteristics of an integrated arts event and especially focused on encounter, reflection and poetic-social activism. The meeting of NAU artists and utopians allows for the realization of a variety of individual and collective projects. We highlight the partnerships made with Larissa Leão, cultural producer and body and audiovisual artist; The effective and affective partnership started in 2013 with Coletivo Lugar Comum, from Recife-PE, especially with its artists Conrado Falbo and Liana Gesteira; The association, in 2021, with the dance artist Nirlyn Seijas (Venezuela-Bahia) and, through her, with the Otratierra School of Artivisms.




Active :


Permanent call for Creation-Contemplation Residences in various areas of knowledge (since 2016);

Permanent call for Extended Times of Co-living and Creation.


Artistic Group Residencies which we have been gathering on specific dates and events since 2017;

Some achievements and completed projects: ​


* Feminist Artist Residency at the Otratierra School of Artivism / Earth Caregivers Wheel (2022);

* Poesia na Janela: production and publication of an audiovisual book with a collection of poets from the city of Palmeiras (2021) ;

* Cineclube Eldorado: partnership with Larissa Leão for audiovisual activities of exhibition, realization and training (since 2019);

* EmComTato Festival, dance and integrated arts event, 3 editions held in Palmeiras-BA (2013, 2017 and 2018);


* Choreoastro, in partnership with Coletivo Lugar Comum – Recife-PE, for choreographic investigation (2016), held between Recife and Palmeiras (Vale do Capão). Register “Feira dos Penitentes” .  


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