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Disclaimer and Conditions of Participation

When I signed up for the EmComTato Festival Arte Movimento e Vida  I declare that I am fully aware of and fully agree with the terms of this responsibility and commitment document described below:

The guiding purpose for the Festival is to promote a sensitive, poetic, respectful and mutual learning encounter between our Activated Improvisation community of practice and the local community of inhabitants of the city and rural area of Palmeiras. Thus, by taking part in this Festival, I ethically commit to observing local customs and paying careful attention to the sociocultural impacts of our coexistence and performance in the municipality.

I am aware of the physical risks common to the practice of sports and dance to which the Contact Improvisation practitioner is exposed and I assume the responsibility of looking after my own safety and physical well-being and that of colleagues in the activities proposed by the Festival.

All programming offered by EmComTato Festival is optional participation and I will exercise the responsibility and the right to seek with the organizing team the information I deem necessary and, at any time, individually decide not to participate in the proposals without, however, compromising and seek to influence the integration of other Festival participants in the proposed activities.

On the other hand, I am aware that the event's organizing team reserves the right to restrict inappropriate presence and behavior in activities, that is, that offer risk or discomfort to the individual or the group, whether physical or emotional and thus hurting any of the principles set out in this letter.

No participant is authorized to speak and contract services or products of any kind on behalf of EmComTato Festival, except people clearly identified and certified on the event website as members of the event's organizing team.

May we have a beautiful one,  inspiring, thought-provoking and harmonic   InComTato Festival!

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