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6th EmComTato Festival Art Movement and Life

Thursday, June 20th to Monday, June 24th, 2019.

Detailed programming for the FIRST STAGE  of the Festival, which will take place at the headquarters of the municipality of Palmeiras, in an intense and delicate interaction with the city and its people.

Composing and improvising in/in the city

Conrado Falbo, Liana Gesteira and Vi Laraia - Lugar Comum Collective (PE).

- Saturday, 22, morning: the street fair;

- Saturday, 22, night: night drift;

- Sunday 23 morning: uninhabited streets.

The purpose of this performance workshop is to provoke processes  investigative composition with / improvisation in public spaces in the city of Palmeiras. What do streets, squares, fairs provoke us as moving bodies in the city? What investigative states do you propose to us? Experiencing this body-flow-city through improvisation games, real-time compositions, collective states of presence and other possible actions is the motto of our proposal. This work will bring the experience of research and montages carried out by the Lugar Comum collective over the last five years, in which it intensified its experiences in this relationship between art and city.  


Coletivo Lugar Comum was founded in 2007, and brings together 14 artists from different languages (dance, circus, theater, literature, music). Since 2013 he has been interested in research to create interventions, performances, improvised jams and actions in public spaces, in a desire to intensify political-artist discussions about the relationship with the cities where we live.


In 2014, Coletivo developed the practical research Trânsito Coletivo, in an investigation on how to create spaces of presence in places of passage, which culminated in the realization of artistic occupations with performances in bus stations, airports and subways in the cities of Recife (PE), João Pessoa (PB) and Maceió (AL). In that same year, he participated in the urban movement Ocupe Estelita performing improvised dance and music jams in the space occupied at Cais José Estelita, in addition to integrating other actions of the Movement. In March 2015, after a year of laboratories and investigations, the street performance Motim (2015) debuts, anchored in the political body of laughter and presented on “open-air” paths, with different routes through streets that cut through the city of Recife. . And it also deepens this experience of improvisation and composition with the street through workshops and jams held at Contacto Coletivo – Encontro de Contacto Improvisation de PE, which is now in its 4th edition.

Solstice at Pai Inácio Hill

Friday 21st

10 am to 7 pm.

(includes round trip times from Palmeiras, activities and guided and free exploration).

Walking, contemplating, touching, listening, dancing. Salute the solstice with a swim in the icy waters of Chapada Diamantina. Climb the mountain and hear stories up there. Dance over rocks and landscapes.  

The Pai Inácio Hill reaches 1,120m in altitude and offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Chapada Diamantina.  

Hey, Guile!

Sunday 23  

20hs... no time to finish!

On the night of São João, wandering among bonfires through the streets of the city, we will follow the procession with  Pé-de-Serra trio of accordion, zabumba and triangle, being received with joy, snacks and liqueurs in the houses of the city's residents, distributing blessings and games. The journey is long! It can last more than 4 hours and ends up with an improvised square dance in the main square.  

Before becoming a traditional June tradition in the city, the procession emerged as a carnival game of young people in the city, referring to a legendary figure on the city's streets, Dona Guilhermina, always, let's say, somewhat drunk, but without losing the high spirits. That's how she was greeted in the streets and even so she responded with enthusiasm: Eh,  Guilé!!!

Open and close... naturally.

- Thursday 21 (times to be defined): arrival and welcome activities;

- Monday 24th (times to be defined): body-work session, sharing wheel and planning.

Everything that is necessary to arrive, to sustain and integrate, as well as to make the necessary transitions between the activities and stages of the Festival.


Arrival time, opening round and welcome jam on the 20th.


And a bit of some body-work on the 24th, as well as the necessary round of sharing and preparation for the next stage of the Festival in Volta da Serra-Nau. 

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