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Corpo Movimento

Residência Cuerpo y Território

Universidad de la República Uruguay




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Body and Territory  is the conceptual field in which a common poetic project is established between the dance artist Hugo Leonardo and the body and audiovisual artist Larissa Leão .  A project that merges and at the same time feeds back its  individual poetic projects : the Dança Imprevista , by Hugo Leonardo, and the Affective Cartography  by Larissa Leão.  In her Affective Cartography, Larissa focuses on the relationship between Mapas and Afetos, with a special focus on the political exercise and power over these relationships. How does the Body move over its territories poetically, symbolically, politically and in terms of identity construction and self-representation?  Cognition Studies guide the research, creation and teaching path followed by Hugo Leonardo in the field of Dance , in which the Body appears as a nexus of physical-biological relationships with subjectivity and environment. What Dance highlights and enables about the dancer's cognition in action, how can this be a poetic matter and/or procedure?  Symmetrically to the relationship that Larissa Leão focuses on between Maps and Affections , Hugo Leonardo focuses on the relationship between Perception and Senses , so that Perception is a kind of Map that continuously mediates the sensory impressions of the body in the environment. And, there, the political exercise and power over the restrictions and freedoms in which Perception occurs and is conditioned can also be questioned.  We would be free to build our maps on the second territory  our affects (in a trivial example, a map in which South America would be “above” and Europe “below”)? Do the Maps correspond to reality? Reality established according to which references , serving which interests, supported by which communities? Can bodies move with equal freedom and representation through these realities mapped in this way ?  Would Perception be true to reality? Would it need to be?  To what extent do our bodies find freedom to explore the sensory environment and what perceptual possibilities there we can safely establish? Security for whom? What conditionings and controls does Perception find in the continuous action of translating the friction of the senses with the environment?  Art and poetic exercise guide us through these questions and conceptual panorama, operating our languages and materials: dance, audiovisual, performance, visual arts.

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Body and Territory Residence

Universidad de la República Uruguay

November 4th to December 15th 2019

Opportunity to boost research and creation in the context of the Corpo e Território project, made possible by the Cultural Mobility Notice of the FCBA Fundo de Cultura da Bahia.


Artistic residence  developed in partnership with the dance artist Catalina Chouhy, professor of the Licentiate Degree in Danza at the Universidad de la Republica Uruguay.

Residência Montevideo-Uruguay

Residência Montevideo-Uruguay

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PLATFORMSMAP: experiments for a sensory-political mapping . Taller en la Licenciatura en Danza.

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