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We enter 2023 with a lot of loving energy, optimism and enthusiasm intensifieds in our New Year's Eve Residence. That energy has been also directed towards a new stage of construction at NAU, including the first chalets and a future activities hall. Meanwhile, on a day-to-day basis, we continue to focus on the need to relearn and reinvent how to be together. So, if there are ways to come, let's make it happen. There are occasional calls for specific events or dates, but there is also the possibility of organizing a longer or shorter time of coexistence for those who wish to arrive at any other time. In order to align expectations, the INVITATION below will be published and constantly updated.

Then there is also an important text about the current STRUCTURE of the Nau and WHAT TO BRING. Read carefully and gently.

Did you feel the call? Fill in the INTENT-ENROLLMENT FORM at the bottom of the page!

Anything else, call to chat!



Reinvent being together. Update Utopias. Take care of each other. Celebrate, love and play. These are the calls.  

Gardening... in the broad sense.

Poetic craftsmanship practices woven with the cultivation of a collective heritage of thoughts that are as critical as they are loving.  

Where language is lacking, we invent.  

The Body and Movement as the first reference (and could it be different?).


If you understand that the construction of autonomy is established collaboratively in a collective context, welcoming individualities as a way of promoting a coexistence informed by the awareness of differences, conducive to exchanges and transformations...

If you are looking for spiritual narratives that are not mercantilist, oppressive and colonizing...

If you want to learn and teach arts and any emancipatory knowledge to plant, build, relate...

If you have the ability to observe, listen and share...

If your personal and intimate health perspective can include a social health outreach...

If your yearnings for prosperity do not harm the Earth...

If your guerrillas are guided by affection and dedicated to questioning the capitalist-consumerist neoliberal patriarchal primer...


If you enjoy building together...  

... we want you here!


NAU is anchored in a small rural property of 5 hectares on the edge of Chapada Diamantina National Park, 20km away from the city of Palmeiras-BA. It's an internet-free territory. We have a first building, still unfinished, The Caracol House, which is our community kitchen and living area, 80 meters from the river.  There is also the open space for ceremonies around the rustic sauna and other natural spaces that we use for socializing, experimentation and somatic practices. We have 8 good spaces for tents, we use temporary dry toilets that are moved from time to time and bathing is exclusively in the river. At the moment we do not have electricity other than what is needed for basic lighting. Our stove is wood-fired and our drinking water is partly from the river and partly from the rain collected by the house. Thus, the occupation of collecting firewood and managing water is part of the way of living there every day. It looks too rustic, but it's wonderful!


This all configures a good limit of 15 people living there, considering not only this current structure but the impact we have on local nature. From there, we managed to establish a good rhythm of activities, possibilities and non-do's every day, which also meet the necessary provisions (kitchen, above all) and the opportune ones (constructions, for example). We take care of food together, NAU does not have cooks or any functions.


Therefore, it is essential to bring complete equipment for camping. Flashlight, repellent, come prepared for rain or sun, for heat and cold (there is always some, even on summer nights), suitable footwear for walking and country activities. Also don't forget your occasional medication and snacks, because there's nothing close by to make shop. And we ask that everyone take their non-organic waste back with them!


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