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I'm a dancer. I am also an astrologer. I prefer to say astrological storyteller . These are two ways I found to occupy myself with constructing meanings about the senses in this adventure of being a living-body I in this time that belongs to me. And I share that.

Dancing has helped me to think about almost everything, it's my greatest wisdom effort. It also forces me to reflect on things I wouldn't even have thought possible.

Astrology maps rhythms and qualities with stories. The bodies and spaces are very big there. With my small body I shorten distances to the one who gives constant news of me. I'm not just the map, I'm also the traveler and the journey. I am an imaginative, wandering body, also constellated with rhythms, qualities and stories. I have a lot of order and a lot of chaos in me. That sounds perfect for dancing.

Write to check the schedule for astrological appointments with Hugo Leonardo in Salvador, Chapada Diamantina or  other cities, as well as the possibility of assistance via Skype.

Individual Assistance

Thanks for your interest! Hugo Leonardo will answer you soon!

Hugo Leonardo has been dedicated to the professional practice of astrology since 1997. His training in this field was developed in the context of the activities of Lothlorien ( ), a center for the development of natural medicine practices and personal development with focus on spirituality and – in the time he lived and worked there (1995-2000) – community life.


Lothlorien is located in the mountains of Chapada Diamantina in the center of the state of Bahia, precisely in Vale do Capão, a very particular village that attracts people from all over the world due to the beauty of its landscapes and widespread context of healing arts and ecological values guiding a large number of initiatives and undertakings.

Thus, converging with his astrological practice is a tapestry of experiences in natural medicine, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, community life, and permaculture, just to name the biggest references. On the other hand, the most authorial and personal approach in his astrological work would come after leaving Lothlorien and Vale do Capão, when he fell in love with dance and decided to dedicate himself to a professional career in this field.

Dance brought a solid body reference for her understanding of healing practices and personal development, in addition to conferring the power of the Art. Somatic techniques and improvisational approaches, such as Contact Improvisation, are her area of expertise in this field. Even more specific and original is the perspective of Cognition Studies in its educational and artistic work in Dance, an investigation particularly developed in the academic context, with a master's degree in dance and a doctorate in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia.

The artistic interest in the “body-environment” in all the complexity of human experience is obviously reflected and inherent in the astrological work of Hugo Leonardo who, even in this field, prefers to identify himself as an artist rather than a therapist. An astrological storyteller.

Master in Dance and Doctor in Performing Arts from the Federal University of Bahia, he is the author of the books “Poética da Oportunidade: Choreographic Structures Open to Improvisation”, published by EDUFBA (2009), and “Shared Disabituation: contact improvisation, dance game and vertigo” , Seal A Editora (2014). He is the creator of NAU Nascente Arte e Utopia , an ongoing project to establish an education and research institute related to a center for creative residencies in the vicinity of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.

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