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Terms of Responsability and Conditions for Participation

By signing up for the AQUATIC MONKEYS WORKSHOP, I declare that I am fully aware of and agree to be bound by the terms of this responsibility and commitment document described below:

Despite the relative tranquility of the waters of the sea and the beach of Moreré, and the care taken by the organization of the event in the choice of places and conditions of water for dancing practice, I declare that I am aware of the common risks and precautions necessary to enjoy the marine environment, as well as the inherent risks of practicing sports and dance, to which the practitioner of Improvisation Contact is exposed and, as such, I assume the responsibility of watching over my own safety and physical well-being and of colleagues in the activities proposed by the workshop.

 I declare that I do not possess, to my knowledge, physical and / or psychic health issues and limitations that prevent or compromise my participation and safety in aquatic activities

All the programming offered by the Aquatic Monkeys workshop is voluntary participation and I declare that I will exercise the responsibility and the right to seek together with the organizing team the information that could be necessary and at any time take the individual decision not to participate in the proposals, however,  not seeking to influence the integration of the others participants in the activities. 

Por outro lado, estou ciente que é reservada à equipe organizadora do evento o direito de coibir nas atividades a presença e o comportamento impróprios, qual seja, que ofereçam risco ou desconforto individual ou ao grupo, seja físico ou emocional e que, assim, fira qualquer dos princípios estabelecidos nesta carta. On the other hand, I am aware that it is reserved to the organizing team of the event the right to restrain in the activities the improper presence and behavior, that is, one that offer individual or group risk or discomfort, whether physical or emotional.


No participant is authorized to speak and contract services or products of any order on behalf of Aquatic Monkeys Workshop, except for persons clearly identified and certified on the event website as members of the organizing team..


May we have a beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking and harmonious Aquatic Monkeys workshop! 

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